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Spoiled Acres Rescue Inc is a 501(c)3 animal rescue.  We started out with horses and then realized there was a whole group of animals that had no one to help them.  Shelters take in cats and dogs, but what about everything else. 

We now work to help pigs, goats, cows, donkeys, horses, chickens, turkeys, ducks, ferrets, and everything in between.  We also take in special needs cats and dogs that can not go to the shelter.  We offer vet assistance to people struggling when funding allows.  We also offer hay and feed assistance when we have the funds to do so.  Our goal is to keep as many animals as possible out of the shelter/rescue setting. 

So many pet owners are good owners that are just struggling because of a hardship.  It is sad to see their animals end up in shelters/rescues just because of a run of bad luck.  It is sad to see these animals euthanized because the owner lost a job and couldn't afford a vet bill.  At any time in our lives, we could be the one struggling, so we all need to step up and lend a hand.

Spoiled Acres Rescue Inc receives $5,000-10,000 a year in grants.  Everything else comes from donations.  There are NO Paid staff members.  We are all volunteer.  We are board governed and the board members are the biggest donors.    Our annual budget averages $55,000 a year.  We are 501(c)3 and have been in good standing since 2007.  We opened our doors in 2006 and then obtained our 501(c)3. 

We are located in Aurora, IN.  Our facility is not elaborate.  Our money goes into the animals, not beatification.  We would much rather show you before and after pictures of animals we have helped than pictures of a fancy barn or truck and trailer.  The important part of our organization is the animal care.

We will soon be opening our new adoption center for small animals.  We are 100% volunteer operated and run off donations.  Please consider supporting us as we work to turn a building into an appropriate adoption center.  All animals deserve a chance at a loving home.  Together, we can make that happen.

We purchase over 2,000 bales of hay a year.  We purchase over 15,000lbs of feed a year.  We focus on the animals.